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Morgado's Auto Body Inc. is a Lansdale auto body company who gets the job done right, from beginning to end. We replace or repair auto parts in a timely fashion and at competitive prices.

We are approved by all major insurance companies.

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We Specialize In:

  • Auto Repairs
  • Collision and Accident Repairs
  • PA State Inspection
  • Minor Mechanical Repairs
  • Glass Work
  • Detailing
  • Local Pick Up and Delivery - free of charge
  • Free Loaner Cars
  • Custom Paint Work
  • Frame Straightening
  • Auto Restoration
  • Bumper Repair
  • Towing

You can Trust the Lansdale Auto Body Repair Shop

If you own a car, truck or SUV there's always that risk of accidents that can leave your vehicle with some serious or at the very least unsightly body damage. Some people may be content to drive around with a torn bumper or scraped fender but if you take pride in your car or truck you know it’s not something you want to do for very long. In the case of a more serious accident the damages can go beyond the superficial, leaving your car completely undriveable. But no matter the extent of the damage you’ll want a dependable Lansdale auto body shop to do the repairs.

You might choose to pay out of pocket to protect your insurance rates if you just want to have some scratches buffed out or minor fender damage repaired. But if your vehicle needs more extensive work you’ll have to file a claim with your insurance carrier. They may try to convince you to use a specific auto body shop but it’s important that you know that you can choose the shop you want to use. You can take your vehicle to whichever Lansdale auto body shop you feel will do the best job.

Lansdale Auto Body Repair Shop: Technical Expertise

Due to the complexity of modern vehicles and the sophisticated combination of resins, and other additives that make up the paints, auto body technicians need to be trained in the entire automotive repair process to make your vehicle repair a complete success The Lansdale auto body repair shop will begin by doing a thorough examination of your car or truck and writing up a detailed estimate, covering all damages and the repairs needed. The parts may be listed as new OEM (original equipment manufacture) or used. A lot depends on how old your car or truck is and how easy it is to find the parts. The Lansdale auto body shop will usually explain what type of parts they’re using and why.

It’s important to realize that after an accident, what may at first look like superficial damage, may be more extensive. Any damage to the frame or unibody can throw everything out of alignment and if not properly repaired can affect the fit of replacement parts as well as the very safety of your vehicle. The Lansdale auto body shop will use printed service manuals as well as computerized information and special equipment to check the measurements of specific areas of your vehicle during the repair process to verify that it is within the necessary tolerance level.

You’ll need to be patient because the Lansdale auto body shop can be a busy place. Once your car is in the auto body shop for repairs, additional damage might be found and the shop will need to get authorization from the insurance company for the additional repairs. This can involve some extra time and labor and possibly mean a few extra days before you can get your car back but making sure your vehicle is properly repaired and completely safe to drive again is what’s most important to your Lansdale auto body repair

The Lansdale Auto Body Shop Provides Professional Service

Once all the structural and surface damage to your car or truck is repaired, the Lansdale auto body repair shop is ready to paint your repaired vehicle. A paint job can make or break a car and a good paint job is truly what makes any vehicle look beautiful. The repaired areas are sanded and primed and the sections that aren’t going to be painted are masked off with tape and paper to protect them from over-spray. Your vehicle is then placed inside a paint booth, where the Lansdale auto body repair shop will paint the repaired parts to match the rest of the body.

Once the painting is completed if a new windshield or other glass is needed, it will be installed along with any trim and lights. If the damage to your vehicle body was severe or if a tire, wheel, or the suspension was damaged in the collision the Lansdale auto body repair shop will check the alignment. Your vehicle will then make one last stop where the new paint will be checked closely for any imperfections and then be detailed inside and out. The Lansdale auto body repair shop will do one final inspection to make certain that repairs meet the required specifications. There will be some paper work involved for you and your insurance company but this is minor when you know your vehicle is finally waiting for you.

Lansdale Auto Body Repair Shop: Building Trust

Of course an auto accident may not be your only reason for taking your car, truck or SUV to the Lansdale auto body repair shop. They are experts at buffing out those scratches or pulling out the smaller dents and dings you can get from backing into the garage or misjudging the distance of that sign post. They can also handle rust damage that can make an otherwise nice car begin to look shabby. If you aren’t sure if the Lansdale auto body shop can take care of your specific problem all you have to do ask. They can always tell you exactly what your vehicle needs.

A reliable Lansdale auto body shop builds its reputation with satisfied customers. They work every day with people just like you, taking the bad experience of a damaged vehicle and giving you a successful outcome. The Lansdale auto body repair shop, its expert repair technicians and staff all combine to determine the type of experience you have. As a consumer you don’t have to be an expert or even understand the process involved in restoring your car to pre accident condition. How well your vehicle looks and drives and how you were treated as a customer is what’s important. With quality Lansdale auto body repair you can rest assured that friendly caring staff and expert technicians will all work together to put you back on the road again.

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